The Internationalization of Culture and Communication


Supported by grants from the Roosevelt and Rockefeller Foundations
Center Forum Project, June 1988-1995

Participants: Shahid Amin, Arjun Appadurai, Richard Bauman, Wayne Booth, Carol Breckenridge, Craig Calhoun, Partha Chatterjee, Vincent Crapanzano, Vinay Dharwadker, Prasenjit Duara, Joe Errington, Michael Fischer, Dilip Gaonkar, Michael Holquist, Pradeep Jeganathan, Jane Kramer, Benjamin Lee, John Lucy, Thomas McCarthy, Leo Oufan Lee, Moishe Postone, Michael Silverstein, Charles Taylor, Greg Urban, Bang Wang, Michael Warner, Bernard Weissbourd, Hu Wenzhong, James Wertsch, Mayfair Yang.

This project resulted in three working papers: 31. "Invoking Civil Society," by Charles Taylor; 38. "Televising the Discovery of India," by the Center Forum Group; and 39. "A Response to Taylor's Invocation of Civil Society," by Partha Chatterjee.

Inter-Area Studies Project, June 1990-1991

Participants: Arjun Appadurai, David Cohen, Robert Connor, Joe Errington, Michael Fischer, Michael Holquist, Benjamin Lee, Leo Oufan Lee, Sheldon Pollock, Henry Selby, Greg Urban, James Wertsch.

Midwest International Studies Project, 1992-1995

Participants: Arjun Appadurai, Richard Bauman, John Bowen, David Cohen, Nick Dirks, Fatwa Malti-Douglas, Dilip Gaonkar.

Rockefeller Foundation Postdoctoral Program, Summers 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993

Participants: 6-8 postdoctoral fellows from across Asia (including Russia and India) were in residence at the Center. They attended weekly seminars and several international conferences each summer on various topics related to the internationalization of culture and communication. The program was coordinated with similar programs at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago.

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